Will sexual harassment claims cost SoFi its bank charter?

Will sexual harassment claims cost SoFi its bank charter?

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In this week’s data dive: SoFi may have lost its bank application, Chipotle swaps chorizo for queso and Equifax fights more fallout from its data breach. Today’s News Retail

Scandal costs Sofi chance to become a bank, says ex-SEC head. SoFi, the biggest and brashest of a new breed of online lender in the US, applied to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation in June for a special charter from the state of Utah.

Move appoints first-ever chief data officer nair (linkedin profile) brings more than 23 years of software and technology experience to his new post.He will oversee the company’s 2,500-person sales and marketing operation in the U.S. Most recently, Nair served as the chief sales and revenue officer at DXC Technology, where he was responsible for growing its $10 billion business across the Americas.

FDIC decision pending. In this application, SoFi applied for an industrial loan charter under the name SoFi Bank in Utah. SoFi outlined in the application that the purpose of the charter is to provide its customers a FDIC insured NOW account and a credit card product. The bank will offer no other products or services.

SoFi Pulls Bank Charter Application Amid Executive Upheaval. But with the recent departure of SoFi’s co-founder and ceo mike cagney in September after allegations about sexual harassment in a lawsuit against the san francisco-based company and the departure of other top-level executives, a SoFi spokesperson said the time was not right to pursue.

The FTC alleged that SoFi had been making such false claims since April 2016. Under the final order, SoFI is prohibited from misrepresenting to consumers how much money consumers will save or have saved using its products and from making any claims about any such savings unless the claims are backed up with reliable evidence [31] .

Bank of America Corp. on Sunday completed its. charter school opening just blocks from where he grew up on the south side of Chicago. Common talked with correspondent Michelle Miller about his self.

SoFi was recently in the news as Cagney was accused of fostering a toxic culture in the company by current and former employees. In the wake of sexual harassment. charter. Being designated as a.

CrossCheck Compliance appoints new managing director and general counsel Ann Shuman is General Counsel of DTCC, responsible for overseeing the company’s legal, compliance, corporate governance and regulatory relations functions. She was appointed General Counsel in February 2017 and serves as a member of DTCC’s Management Committee. She has extensive experience with financial services regulation, particularly the regulation of central counterparties.

SoFi’s sex scandal, which prompted CEO Mike Cagney to leave, has dashed the lender’s hopes of becoming an FDIC-insured bank.

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