Illinois AG sues Safeguard Properties over eviction practices

Illinois AG sues Safeguard Properties over eviction practices

VALLEY VIEW, Ohio — Safeguard Properties has asked a Chicago-area judge to throw out a lawsuit in which the Illinois Attorney General is seeking to bar the company from doing business in that state.

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CHICAGO (AP) — Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan is suing an Ohio company, claiming it illegally evicts Illinois homeowners whose properties are in foreclosure. Madigan announced the lawsuit Tuesday. She says Safeguard Properties of Valley View, Ohio has broken into homes, changed the locks.

Attorney General Sues Safeguard Properties LLC for Breaking into Legally Occupied Homes, Changing Locks & Shutting Off utilities. attorney general sues Safeguard Properties LLC for Breaking into.

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Alan Jaffa is the chief executive officer for Safeguard, steering the company as the mortgage field services industry leader. He also serves on the board of advisors for SCG Partners, a middle-market private equity fund focused on diversifying and expanding Safeguard Properties’ business model into complimentary markets.

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Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced on Tuesday that she has filed a lawsuit against Safeguard Properties, LLC, alleging illegal eviction practices. This comes as no surprise to me–our firm represents clients that have been the victims of illegal lockouts.

On Nov. 12, Valley View, Ohio-based Safeguard Properties filed a motion to dismiss a lawsuit brought in September by the Illinois attorney general (AG) that accuses the property preservation company of allegedly making incorrect vacancy determinations on homes and then entering properties, shutting off utilities and changing the locks.

The Eviction Process in Illinois: Rules for Landlords and Property Managers. then the landlord can terminate the tenancy and file an eviction lawsuit against the tenant. Handling a Tenant’s Abandoned Property in Illinois has more information on this topic. Rationale for the Rules.

MADIGAN ANNOUNCES $1 MILLION SETTLEMENT WITH safeguard properties. homeowners Illegally Locked Out of Homes to Receive Restitution. Chicago – Attorney General Lisa Madigan today announced a $1 million settlement with Safeguard Properties LLC over allegations the company illegally locked Illinois residents out of their homes before a foreclosure was finalized.

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