Fitch sees no sign of strategic default for rising principal reductions

Fitch sees no sign of strategic default for rising principal reductions

Five years into the housing crisis, Day said, there is no evidence that principal reduction, which has been used by some lenders, has spurred many homeowners to default: "It was a bogus argument.

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As underwater borrowers strategically default, lenders are trying different methods for holding back the rising tide. Loan modifications have postponed some foreclosures, and principal reductions might postpone a few more. The value in doing a few principal reductions goes beyond the money spent.

In fiscal year 2014, the Company made the strategic decision. Consideration There was no change in the value of acquisition consideration for the three and nine-month periods ended March 31, 2015.

Start studying CFCT Topic 2: Money Management Terms. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools.. strategic default.. which will result in a rising principal loan balance.

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HUD head pressures fhfa To OK Mortgage Write-Downs. "We shouldn’t punish the vast majority of folks where strategic default isn’t really a risk, just to fix what may be a risk for a small.

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Principal reductions have been off-limits for many reasons as a method for dealing with defaults. We have no policies to lead us there, Faith Schwartz, executive director of Washington, D.C.

Real estate news and views you can use. A compilation of news stories and views on the real estate market. Economists in survey oppose strategic default, Principal Forgiveness. Senator Corker warns against a Treasury Department plan to encourage principal reductions on underwater home.

Property values in some cases have fallen by as much as half, making the possibility of a refinance remote and increasing the likelihood that the borrower will exercise a strategic default. The only way to avoid more and deeper pain across all sectors of the economy is principal reduction to market value.

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