3 security concerns when working with third-party vendors

3 security concerns when working with third-party vendors

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Securing third-party vendors is particularly difficult because of two specific factors: one intrinsic to the modern web, the other driven by its rapid evolution. The Third-Party Security Challenge.

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The 2015 Risk Management Association Third-Party/Vendor Risk management survey.. vetted, third parties may have loose security policies and credentials may not. 3. assembling the DevOps Jigsaw, Freeform Dynamics, 2015. Many risks can be mitigated by using five best practices that work together to create a.

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Third-Party Management: If your company is using social media, it must be aware of the challenges it faces to protect its brand identity in a social media context. Risk may arise in many ways, such as through comments made by social media users, spoofs of company communications, or activities in which fraudsters masquerade as the company.

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AppsFlyer on 3rd party vendor risk. 4 Min. Read. 3 Steps to Minimizing Security Vulnerabilities From 3rd Parties.. If a vendor you're working with gets acquired, for example, the vetting process must start over from scratch;.

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While these may be more the concerns of the CIO or CFO rather than the CMO, it shows the need for marketers to work with.

Our best guess is that this rise in third-party security breaches is directly related to the increasing number of third-party vendors per company. Companies are taking on more partners, but are not properly assessing their third-party vendor security risks.

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How to Reduce Third-Party Risk. Reducing third-party risk starts with selecting vendors with a robust approach to risk management. In our work with clients going through internal audits and security assessments, we’ve advised them to seek out vendors that go through regular attestation audits for reports such as SOC1 and SOC2. However, your.

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